This project required a library to be designed for a specific object. My library focused on the Stem Cell, the building acting as both an educational facility for students and a storage unit with laboratories for carrying out research.

I spent the first few weeks mapping the locations of the existing hospitals in Rome, working out how to transport Stem Cells to each of these facilities. I designed Stem Cell Freezers for the test tubes to be placed into, with a rotating mechanism inside to eject the cells when needed. The cells travel either up the building to the laboratories, or into the vehicle to be taken elsewhere in the city.

It was crucial that the design responded directly to its environment, and I spent time studying the forms and colours of the site in order to represent these elements in model form. Combining the colour scheme with the arches depicted in many of the photographs from the site visit, I created a series of fragmented models, aiming to depict the site in an abstracted version that in time could represent both the landscape surrounding the design, and the library itself.


Megan Ellis 2018