The National Museum of Scotland was used as a starting point for this project; in a group we studied artefacts and their existing spaces within the museum to create a foundation for the design. The first four weeks of the semester were spent drawing and analysing the objects, as well as their current locations in the museum to explore how well they work in their spaces.

From these drawings, a model was created. Placing this model in the foyer of our studio building, we tracked  movement of people around the model. The movement of components within each artefact was also illustrated and together, these marks were superimposed on the site and used to influence the design.

The artefact I studied was the  the piano, so it became the starting point for my design and I modelled it three-dimensionally to translate it into a physical space. I used both the external decorative elements and the movement of the keys to inform my design.


Megan Ellis 2018