In my most recent project, I designed a Bird Observation Centre. Situated on the banks of the River Tay, the building marks the completion of a Green Route through Errol. Varying landscape characteristics demonstrate the passing of the journey along the route; sequences of space interpreted as ‘outdoor rooms’. These rooms inform the spaces within each location, allowing communication between the landscape and each proposal.

My project draws attention to birdwatching; its site far enough away from the town to be secluded, yet close enough to be accessible down the winding marshy path. Along this path, a series of smaller hides are dotted; guiding the way and introducing the project.

The project is divided into three elements; Brick, Connection and Timber. The drawings and model demonstrate the steriotomic qualities and structural characteristics of these rooms, exploring each space within the building as its own ‘nest’.

Megan Ellis 2020